Choosing to live intuitively is a big commitment.
In this Reinvention Channel show, I share an
example of a friend who was led by her intuition…
…in a not-so-logical direction, but it led to her purpose
in life!

This month’s theme at the Center for Spiritual Living – Capistrano Valley is “Choosing to Live.”

This is something I am very passionate about as the Creative Process of living an abundant life is something I put to the test everyday.

Let me be frank, I don’t “test” it to prove to myself that I have the ability to co-create an amazing life with Spirit, I say I test it to see what I can create everyday!

Choosing to live is choosing to use the Law of the Creative Process to it’s fullest extent…why not?  It’s there for us to use or not….either way, it’s working for us.

My definition of “choosing to live” goes beyond daily decisions and settles deeply in “choosing to live intuitively.”

As humans, we are all intuitive.  It’s a gift we were all embedded with.

However, very few humans utilize it.

They may get hints of it, and some even recognize their “intuitive”gifts…

…but do they LIVE intuitively?

I haven’t always lived intuitively, in fact, I have only recently chosen to live intuitively, but have been very intuitive for majority of my life.

Choosing to live intuitively is knowing that our intuitive messages aren’t always logical.  They don’t make sense, and many times, we have NO idea where they lead.

It’s scary to follow a path that is not illuminated…it’s not safe…

…but, it’s the most sacred path we can following because Spirit is guiding us.

So, I have dedicated my personal life AND my career to living intuitively, and teaching others how to do just that…

Last year, I launched an online, self-empowerment show called, “Life Reinvented.”

It’s a show that share principles to live life…reinvented.

I’d like to share the show we created around intuition.

It is my hope that it inspires you to follow that “whisper,” and to choose to live….intuitively!