Our Natural State of Being

Our daily journal today is entitled Balance. In it the authors write on this day: 

“Spirituality is as strong as it is soft.There is a place for power and for surrender in your spirituality. Do not be fooled. Strength is required to say YES to our dreams and NO to our dysfunction.Unleash the power of Spirit as you!Let it flow through you and be the core of strength within you. “

Then they ask: “Where do you need to stand strong and firm in your life?Where do you need to practice flowing and yielding?” 

 Today I was gently reminded that it would be good for me to release some tasks so that Spirit could flow through me more easily. When I discussed this idea with my sounding board, Rev. Pattie Mercado, she suggested that I make a list of things I do in a week; then look  to see if there are tasks that don’t need to be done by me. My first response was, “I don’t have time for one more thing.” 

Really? Even if that one more thing would not only help you but also would help our Center? What am I resisting? It could be that my day is filled with the urgent and unimportant rather than the important. 

The next question I ask myself is “Who arranges your day?” The answer is “I do!”

In that case, I likely have time to diarize my activities. I have time to evaluate each one to see if it essential and important or if it is reactionary and unimportant.

Synonyms for dysfunctional include flawed, broken, decayed, defective,unfit and sick. These words do NOT correspond favorably to someone who knows her oneness with Perfect Wholeness, Divine Mind and Perfect Love. I feel dysfunctional when I am reacting to situations rather than directing mt attention to Source.

So what practices could I embrace in order to have a greater experience of Wholeness in my life? I could relax with a perfect cup of tea and contemplate my unity with source. I could look lovingly at how I spend the precious moments and hours in my day. I could delegate tasks that do not need to be mine to someone else. 

When I put my attention on the Truth of my being such as Perfect Wholeness all pressures to “measure up” are released. To what could the Source of all Life, compare Itself ?