I  have learned  to pray from an awareness of the Presence of God within.

I have learned to pray for the Absolute quality of God that my desire symbolizes. For instance if I am feeling tight and cramped, I am probably experiencing some constriction of resources. Money may be tight. These things may be factual at the human level, the level of form. It is an effect of a false belief. However I know that the Cause of everything is Divine Mind. I simply need to get my thinking in alignment with the Spiritual Truth.The Truth is that I live in an abundant universe which is the source of my supply. I pray specifically for what I do want and if needed I deny everything that contradicts the Truth.

Then what do I do? After the prayer I have a responsibility to “act as if” my good is already at hand. That does not mean going in debt, buying expensive things, to feel prosperous. It means to do what I can to live prosperously.

I love Rev. Edwene Gaines story of buying olives stuffed with almonds when she first started practicing prosperity principles. It cost less than five dollars, but it made Edwene feel rich

What can you do to feel rich?  or healthy?  or loved?  or creative?

There is an attitude with which you can do anything. That attitude is one of confident expectation. Remember the story about the optimist and pessimist twins: A mother was worried about her boys — one was happy and confident about everything; the other was gloomy and always expected the worst. A psychiatrist suggested that she do something on their birthday to help them have balance in their lives.  He said to give the little pessimist the gifts that any boy his age would love and to give the optimist  a huge box filled with manure.

On the twins’ birthday, the pessimist was given a room full of the latest toys, all wrapped delightfully. He ripped the wrapping off the presents, dejectedly convinced that his brother was getting something much better! 

Meanwhile his brother was gleefully digging through the manure saying, “I know there must be a  pony in here somewhere!”

To ensure that you don’t miss the results of your prayer stay optimistic and positive, even if the results do not seem to match your prayer intention. remember there is a pony in there somewhere and with that attitude the desire you envisioned is eventually certain to be yours. Listen to the Voice for God within and keep praying.