A prayer to be Aware.
Awareness that sweet rewards may come with a challenge.

The Power and Presence of God is in each and every moment of life.  I know that God is truly everywhere and everything.  Right here, right now, always, and forever, God is.

I am One in God.  Wherever I go, I go with the Love and Grace of God.  The air I breathe is God, the Love I know is God.  God moves in, through, and all over me.

I speak this word for the understanding of the Awareness of God in every aspect of life.  I know Spirit moves throughout this entire Universe.  In the mountains, Spirit is moving.  In the valleys, Spirit is moving.  In the desert, Spirit is moving.  In the oceans, Spirit is moving.  In all beings on this planet, Spirit is moving.  And though I may not humanly understand the actions of certain events or actions, I am still trusting that God is right there.  Although I may not completely agree with something, I know that Spirit is moving through.  Although I may not have all the answers to the questions I seek, I am rest assured, and can be at peace in the I don’t know.  I know God is in every circumstance, situation, and conversation.  I am completely Aware that everything works for the highest good and this includes my life.

I am very grateful to know God, to know prayer.  I am grateful for my entire life, each and every aspect of it.  I am grateful for the ability to communicate in Spirit through prayer.  Right down to the cellular level, I am grateful for all. I am grateful to be in the Awareness of Spirit.

So I release this word in the Law of the Universe.  I know all is well.  I Let it all go and Let God.  I know, see, taste, touch, and smell the Love and the Power of Spirit in each and every moment.  And So It Is, and So I Am. Amen.