What do you think of when you hear the word, “Creative?”

Do you think it’s only for artists, musicians, writers or “those creative types?”

Are surfers, accountants, and lawyers creative?

The answer is yes, but it comes with a caveat.  If surfers, accountants and lawyers LOVE what they do, jump out of bed everyday to do it,

and give great thanks to do what they do, then yes, they are creative.

Your creativity is the thing that makes you love life!  Maybe it’s creating video games. Maybe it’s reading, or writing; or maybe your creative joy is simply to bring a smile to at least one person each day.

Creativity is the essence of who we are.  It’s the gift we have that makes us laugh out loud with joy.  Creativity is our joy.


Today’s Spiritual Principle:  Creativity


“Everybody born comes from the Creator trailing wisps of glory. We come from the Creator with creativity. I think that each one of us is born with creativity.” Maya Angelou


Today I live my creativity.  I know my creative expression by the depth of overwhelming joy it brings me.


Journal to explore the thing or things that bring you joy; something that makes your stomach flutter when you think of it.  What is that thing?  Do not underestimate it when it comes? Do not judge it or automatically decide that “I can’t make money doing that.”  Now, whatever comes up, commit to ONE hour a day of doing it.  (If that sounds like too much, start with 15 minutes a day).

Journal the impact of doing it 15 – 60 minutes a day…you just may be surprised!

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Whatever it is, words, images, feelings, etc., share with us so we can encourage and share in YOUR Divine creativity!

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