Sunday services

Our Spiritual Services

All are welcome at weekly Sunday services held at 10:30 a.m preceded by Sunday meditation at 10 – 10:20 a.m. and weekly Wednesday’s Wisdom evening services at 7:00 p.m.

Please see the Calendar for up to date information and special events. And visit our Wednesday’s Wisdom page for more about that special service.

Youth Center

A Youth program for all ages including baby and toddler care is offered during the Sunday morning service. During this ‘youth church’ hour we have connection and growth through spiritual practices, crafts, lessons and creative play time.

Childcare is offered the 1st Wednesday of each month for our Wednesday Wisdom midweek service 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.. Visit the Youth and Family page for more information.

Conscious Connection

Join us from 12:00 – 12:30 in the sanctuary to explore the message from the service.

Conscious Connection is open to any and all after a short fellowship time. The facilitator provides useful practices to bring the message into every day living so attendees can more mindfully embody the ideas in their daily lives.

Childcare provided 12:00-12:30

A Gift for Visitors

Visitors are welcome to peruse the shelves of our New Thought Bookstore and receive a free gift of a book of their choice when they return a visitor’s card filled out from the visitor gift bag on their first visit to the center.

Dr. Heather at the inaugural services for CSL in San Clemente
inaugural services in San Clemente Center for Spiritual Living

Monthly Themes and Sunday Topics

Below you will find this year’s themes along with scheduled topics, and guest musicians. The same information is shown on the Calendar.  Any of these are subject to change.

This year, Centers for Spiritual Living communities around the world are joining together to create a compelling, uplifting conversation through our shared monthly themes and Sunday talk topics. We look forward to sharing these with you in person or via live stream!

2017 Values Based Spiritual Living.

“We stand together in a shared commitment and devotion to our spiritual principles, practices and values.”


DATE            Topic                                             Musician

January: Back to the Basics of Spiritual Living 

1/1/2017            Renewal Service                  Allendale

1/8/2017            The Thing Itself                   Daniel Nahmod

1/15/2017          The Way It Works               TQ

1/22/2017          What It Does                       Kris Shelton

1/29/2017          How to Use It                      Michael Paul Smith


February: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity        

Spiritual Living Through Transformation and Evolution

2/5/2017            To Be Human is to Embody Paradox    Allendale

2/12/2017          God Comes Through the Wound         Kelly Corsino

2/19/2017          Thin Slicing                                          CHOIR

2/26/2017          Active Listening                                   Debi Wheeler


March: Expanded Horizons                                                            

Spiritual Living Through Education and Continuous Improvement

3/5/2017            Reachable & Teachable                      Allendale

3/12/2017          Webs and Boxes                                 Denise Rosier

3/19/2017          Being Vulnerable – Strength or Weakness? CHOIR

3/26/2017          Aging as Spiritual Practice                   Gino Walker


April: The Evolution of New Thought                          

Spiritual Living through Transformation and Evolution

4/2/2017            99 Years of Private Lessons               Allendale

4/9/2017            The Science of the Absolute              Jennifer Trevour

4/16/2017          EASTER – The Science of Christ    CHOIR

4/23/2017          Dealing with Conditions                     Kris Shelton

4/30/2017          The Joy of Living                               Kelly & Dave


May: Exploring Imagination                                            

Spiritual Living Through Creativity

5/7/2017            FLIP – Creative Confidence                Allendale

5/13/2017          Mother’s Day – DARE – Fear to Courage  TQ

5/21/2017          SPARK – From Nothing to Insight      CHOIR

5/28/2017          LEAP – From Planning to Action        Melissa Suzanne


June: You Hold the Keys                                                 

Spiritual Living Through   Accountability

6/4/2017            The Courage to Do the Right Thing       Allendale

6/11/2017          Creating a Culture of Accountability      Wade Wooldridge

6/18/2017          Father’s Day – Fix It                            Cygne

6/25/2017          Aligning Your Values with Your Actions   Denise Rosier


July: The Freedom of Choice                                         

Spiritual Living Through Open Communication

7/2/2017            The Multi-Cultural America                     Allendale

7/9/2017            From Racism to Gracism                        Gino Walker

7/16/2017          Prejudices and Sins                                Melissa Suzanne

7/23/2017          Honoring our Differences                        Debi Wheeler

7/30/2017          The Art of Inclusion


August: A World That Works for Everyone                

Spiritual Living Through Love, Compassion and Caring

8/6/2017            Compassion in Action                             Allendale

8/13/2017          Accepting What Is                                   Jennifer Trevour

8/20/2017          Kindness Toward Ourselves                   Wade Wooldridge

8/27/2017          Being Kind in a Cruel World                    Kris Shelton


September:  Hearts of Service                                       

Spiritual Living Through Community Service

9/3/2017            Self-Absorbed – It’s All About ME!          Allendale

9/10/2017          Your Life Isn’t For You                             Michael Paul Smith

9/17/2017          Choosing Where to Give                         Debi Wheeler

9/24/2017          You Can Change the World                    Gino Walker


October: Safe in God’s Presence                                  

Spiritual Living Through Love as Safety

10/1/2017          We Belong to Each Other                       Allendale

10/8/2017          Undefended Love                                   Melissa Suzanne

10/15/2017        Fear of Intimacy                                     CHOIR

10/22/2017        The Perfect Relationship                        Gino Walker

10/29/2017        The Love that Lives Within                     Jennifer Trevour


November: Peace and Prosperity for All                            

Spiritual Living Through Financial Health and Prosperity

11/5/2017          Your Fortune Begins in Consciousness   Allendale

11/12/2017        How to Reverse Financial Adversity      TQ

11/19/2017        The Grateful Heart                                  CHOIR

11/22/2017        Thanksgiving Eve                                 Allendale

11/26/2017        Money is God in Action                           Michael Paul Smith


December: The High Watch of Oneness                            

Spiritual Living as Integrity

12/3/2017          Wandering off Your Path                         Allendale

12/10/2017        A Life of Character                                 Marianne Lewis

12/17/2017        A Life of Courage                                   CHOIR

12/24/2017        A Life of Truth

12/24/2017        Christmas Eve Night                            Allendale

12/31/2017        New Beginnings