In addition to her duties as Youth Director, Rev. Pattie has served as one of two Assistant Ministers at our center since 2011. An ordained minister, Rev. Pattie’s ability to wear many hats has her moving easily from youth church to teaching adult classes, and on to the platform for a midweek faith lift at the Wednesday Wisdom Service or the occasional Sunday morning Celebration Service. Rev. Pattie enjoys performing weddings, memorial services and unique rituals as well as facilitating classes for all ages. As the Assistant Minister working full time at the center a primary responsibility of Rev. Pattie is to be Dr. Heather’s back up whenever she is away. Rev. Pattie believes in the power of spiritual community and cherishes her extended church family as a place to give and receive our gifts.

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  1. I had a FANTASTIC time in Switzerland savoring every moment!!!! I LOVED being part of the Pathways to Freedom conference and felt blessed to receive deeper insights into three areas of my life. Sept. 20-23, I travel to Orlando, Florida for the 2017 All Campus Retreat for the Holmes Institute & School for Spiritual Leadership ministerial program. At times, I can feel a bit overwhelmed being a new Practitioner and new ministerial student. Thankfully, I have two great mentors supporting each of these endeavors. As you well know, one step at a time. Have a wonderful rest of August, and thank you again for a FABULOUS experience in the Country of Peace!!! 

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