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SUNDAYS: Meditation 10–10:15am (in-person only) • Gathering & Music 10:30am (in-person and virtual)


Dean Sluyter will present his workshop: “Natural Meditation” April 19th 2015 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

A light lunch will be served following the Sunday Celebration Service; childcare will be provided during the workshop.  Love Offering! 

A Parable Consider the waves of the ocean.

At any given moment, a wave is limited in space: extending from Point A to Point B, it’s just so big and no bigger, isolated by the troughs that separate it from other waves. It’s also limited in time: it arose at some moment in the past and will crash against the shore at some moment in the future. And it’s never at rest but is in constant, turbulent motion.

Like waves, all the things I encounter are limited, isolated, and in motion, and so am I. From my Point A to Point B is just 5’10” and 153 pounds, and not only my body but my personality, history, philosophy, social status, net worth – everything I might identify with Me is dwarfed by the much larger totality of Not Me. Within the great expanse of time it’s a frighteningly short span from the moment of my birth to the moment when I will crash against the shore we call death. And both I and all the other finite, wavelike beings undergo the turbulence of constant activity and change, often creating new problems and limitations as we slosh up against each other. (read more)

What It’s All About

1. Rest in Openness
2. Act with Kindness
3. Notice the Moment
4. Recognize Teachers
5. Keep It Simple
6. Be Devoted
7. No Appointment, No Disappointment
8. Bless Everyone
9. Disconnect the Dots
10. Be a Mensch and Enjoy the Joke