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How often do you get a chance to experience what it’s like to be a teenager again?  I was so blessed to have that opportunity.  Today, I attended “A Day At Camp,” which was facilitated by the In-Flight Teens at the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley, and it was amazing!

Having three children who have had the experience of attending Summer Camps and Winter Camps and never having experienced it myself always left me a bit curious. My kids have always come home from camp with so much love, excitement, and connection in their hearts.  There is such a “buzz” that they feel and share with us as they recall the events of the past week. Not only have they made life-long connections with others, I have seen each of them grow into beautiful and confident people. I think the most common thing they verbalize from the experience is the feeling of total acceptance. While at camp, they don’t feel judged or put down, only raised up. I often hear from many of the teens, “I wish I could live at camp.” 

As a gift to the parents and our spiritual family, the inspired teens from the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley created a day that gave us a small taste of what they do while they are at camp.  I feel very confident in stating that all of the adults who attended were quite moved, amazed and simply impressed with the depth, sharing and fun that was experienced.  We not only learned about Love Lingual (the different ways we express our love toward others), we also got to strut our stuff out on the catwalk whilst being barraged with words of praise, and got washed with love during a completion workshop, the Angel Wash.  Now I know why they are walking on air upon their return home.

What a gift today was!  I feel so blessed to have had this wonderful experience and incredibly grateful that my children have the camp experiences and the Science of Mind philosophy to take with them the rest of their lives.  May they always realize how amazing they are, just the way they are. 

Something wonderful is happening as me today!
And So It Is!