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Expect Amazing things from a child with a Autism diagnosis.

In April 2013 I blogged The Awareness of Autism. It was a personal account of my relationship with the diagnosis of a child with this label.  This year I chose not to participate in the “blueness” of Awareness.  The reason is definitely Spiritual lead.  Over this year I have gained perspective that I once did not have.  I had revelations that were difficult to admit.  I was given the opportunity to see what a diagnosis really is, and what it really is not.  Basically, a diagnosis is a label of limitation; it is a way to categorize something as being like something else.  It is to tell a human, this is what you have, this is what you should expect, this is what you can and cannot do.  This is who you are.  This is the label you have been given to place you in this box.

When families are given a diagnosis for their child of Autism, it is not a welcome label.  It, however, needs to be given to receive services a child needs to help receive therapy.  When a child sees improvement in their condition, a diagnosis could change or services could be discontinued.  This is something that could frighten parents.  Parents can become anxious if the child no longer has services they think they need.

What I have noticed is the diagnosis doesn’t limit my son.  He doesn’t even know he has autism.  What I noticed is that it limits me, in my ability to be confident in his abilities outside of the diagnosis.  It is hard to admit as a parent to see your child as having restrictions to living.  Yes, I am not completely oblivious to the fact that he has challenges.  What I have to do in my own mind is to know that he is capable of more, a lot more, than his diagnosis.  A diagnosis doesn’t define him. It allows him to have assistance where needed, however, he is much more capable than I ever thought, and he’s proving it to me every day.  Though I always have known his Spiritual Connection existed, I am regretful that it took this long to be confident in his human spirit.  He has a strong human spirit.  His ability to see good and fun in life is very infectious.  He has taught our whole family what resilience looks like.  My story is not dissimilar to other families I know with children having a diagnosis.  Given the opportunity, our children will rise up to a space that will break out of the box of a label.  Instead of spreading an Awareness of Autism, I am choosing to spread an Awareness of the Human Spirit.

Enjoy this video from Michael Gott at the Mile Hi Church. He visited CSLCV last week, he was AMAZING.