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Who’s Your Authority?

By June 30, 2017No Comments

Recently I re-watched Mary Morrissey’s Prosperity Plus II  class two in which Mary tells her introduction to Metaphysical Principles. As a new mother, just out of high school, Mary was diagnosed with critical nephritis in both kidneys. Her prognosis was that they would remove the kidney that was totally diseased, then and because the other kidney was also badly diseased she might have two months to live. She had been given a death sentence. Mary’s story is heart-wrenching because she had been shamed by her family, her school and abandoned by her friends because she was pregnant in a day when “good girls” didn’t get pregnant.

The beautiful thing about Mary’s story is that the night before her surgery, a chaplain came in to her room and asked her if she would like prayer. She then says that what happened next was unlike any version of prayer she had ever seen. The chaplain drew up a chair and talked with her about her life. She explained to Mary that everything is created twice. Before anything takes a tangible form it was first an idea. She went on to explain that our bodies are always showing us what our thinking has been; if you think an embarrassing thought, you will blush; if you think a scary thought, your heart will beat rapidly. the chaplain asked Mary to consider that if one thought toxic thoughts, your body would be toxic. Mary had never considered such an idea. She didn’t really buy it. She wasn’t certain that prayer could actually detoxify her body. But she knew that the chaplain believed it.

The next morning she had surgery, practiced the ideas that the chaplain had suggested  and gradually she got better. From two months to live to a lifetime of health, is a great journey.

Mary also said that the initials M.D. often represent for patients, Minor Deities.

Have you given your power away to a diagnosis or prognosis?

It is never too late to change your mind. It is never too late to be kind, caring and loving to yourself. It is never too late to be your own authority.

What is it going to be for you.

Today has been a day wherein I have had a lot of calls of diagnoses and prognoses that the people didn’t like.

If that is you. Take back your power. The only healing power there is, lies within you. The only healing power there is responds to your intentions and beliefs.

Choose wisely. Live long and prosper!