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SUNDAYS: Meditation 10–10:15am (in-person only) • Gathering & Music 10:30am (in-person and virtual)

Like most human beings, I am both fascinated and terrified by fire. I love to sit in front of a fire pit watching the flames dance, warmed by the heat. On the other hand if those flames start spitting sparks, I will quickly move away. I do not want to get burned. Last spring, I attended a ministers only retreat at Valley Ridge Alabama led by the awesome Rev. Edwene Gaines. Part of the retreat was the opportunity to walk on fire. Edwene is a Master Firewalker, has been certified as a trainer for many years. At first I wasn’t even remotely interested. I thought smugly to myself, “Those fools can get burned if they want to! But I’m too smart to do something so foolish.” However, after three days of praying and remembering my spiritual nature, I too decided to walk. I walked three times. It was the most exhilarating experience of my life! And to think, I just about missed it because i was afraid. 

Walking on Fire

When we got back to the program room from walking on fire, Edwene had us write on an index card, “I walk on fire, I can do anything I choose!”

That affirmation helps me in every area of my life including prosperity.

This Sunday, Rev. Edwene Gaines will be our guest speaker. He talk title is The Secret to Permanent Prosperity. I don’t know exactly what she will talk about, but I can guess that she will challenge us to look false fears in the face and know that we are powerful spiritual beings, living in a spiritual universe governed by spiritual laws. She will likely talk about the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: tithing, goal setting, purpose and forgiveness.
For many people lack and limitation are normal states of consciousness. They have a belief that there is never enough. When invited to practice the first law of prosperity — tithing, fear comes up. There is a belief that if they  give away 10% of their income, there won’t be enough left to meet their commitments. From a human point of view  it appears true. But just like the fire walking experience worked because I listened to spiritual guidance, tithing works because I am saying that “God is my Source.”
Is it time for you to face your fears and walk on the fire that scares you? If you are in the area, come to the Center Sunday morning. Edwene is our guest speaker. Then plan to stay for her workshop. She guarantees that her workshop will transform your life ...if you are teachable.