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Right now, do you feel loved? 

Do you feel confident and  secure knowing that you are enough?
I watched the following Ted Talk today; it touched me deeply. It stimulated an idea in me.

What I hear the speaker saying is that writing love letters to strangers transformed her life, moving her out of depression into transformation. It lifted her spirits and gave her a sense of connection and belonging. She wrote them and left them places. 

It reminds me about the joy of receiving a letter from a loved one; the importance of letting people know that they are loved. I believe that it is a universal longing to connect, to be cherished and loved. Of course, spiritually we are loved by the Divine Presence and for many of us we want more.

A spiritual practice is to write a letter to yourself from God. It might go something like this: 
“Beloved One,
You are my best creation. I am so proud of you. I cherish everything about you. I cherish your successes and I cherish your so-called failures. You reflect my light so beautifully. You express all my best qualities — love, grace, beauty, joy, compassion, intelligence and creativity. I love your physical body but more than that I love your noble spirit. Your life is my life in expression. Truly I am with you always. Life is at your feet. Your embodied desire is my command. Joyously I obey because I adore you. Save time for me every day.
With great love,

Doesn’t it sound like fun?
Let’s do an experiment. If you would like to play, write a hand-written love letter, and send it to the Center, to my attention. Then on June 23rd, when my theme for the day is “Happily Even After” we can distribute them to anyone who wants one. let’s see how much love we can generate. I will keep you posted.

Write to me:
Heather Clark
C/o Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley
1201 Puerta del Sol
San Clemente, CA  92673