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SUNDAYS: Meditation 10–10:15am (in-person only) • Gathering & Music 10:30am (in-person and virtual)

The Love of God encompasses all of our life. 

The Centers of Spiritual Living, are based on teachings of Ernest Holmes, following lessons from the Science of Mind text.  One of the most powerful parts of this text is the teachings of the Spiritual Mind treatment, or Affirmative prayer.  This is a prayer with a process.  In a Spiritual Mind treatment, one is to become completely immersed in the Oneness of All Life.  Words and feelings align to transform thought from a place of separate to a union of Thought in the field of the Collective.  In this prayer, the spoken word is used as catalyst of remembrance, that in all life, the speaker of the prayer and God are One.  This is not a place where we beg God to change a situation. This is a place where we become One in God, to know the situation we are treating about is clearly revealed to us as being the Perfect path in our life.  This can be a very difficult concept to grasp.  For trusting that our life is on the most Perfect path, including this or that which looks to be “not good,” is a place that can be hard to digest.  Also knowing we create our own reality can be a very difficult pill to swallow.  Because we know that God is Good, we come to the realization that everything is All Good.  It is All Good because It is All God.

I know right here in this moment, in this very breath of life, God Is. I know that God is everywhere Present, no where left out. 
I know that God and I are One. I know that God moves through me, speaks as me, Is my life. 
In this moment of life I know that (insert what treating for) God is right here. I know that whatever it may look like, the Love and Power of the Universe is unfolding in the most Perfect manner. Diving Right Action is taking place. Any feelings of fear, doubt, or worry can fall away and replaced with the Knowingness that this Life reveals Itself in the Goodness of God. 
I am so Grateful for Knowing this Truth. I am so Thankful for my life. I rest in the Gratitude, I bask in the Gratitude, I completly immerse my entire Being in the Gratitude of God. 
I release this Word in the Law of the Universe. I Let Go and I Let God. And So It Is. Amen.


Please see Darin McClure’s blog post for the breakdown of the 5 step prayer treatment