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Disconnection is the Root of All Violence
The beauty we see in nature is the same beauty we must know in ourselves and each other.
Photo credit: Darin R. McClure

I was really inspired by a story I read about a teacher’s response to the dreadful events at Columbine. This teacher recognized that “all violence begins with disconnection.” She knew that bigger problems start with smaller patterns of loneliness and isolation. Read her story here and be prepared to shed a tear or two.

Being a “Disconnection Detective,” an emotional first responder begins with ourselves. As we heal our own separation by knowing and reflecting on the truth that the Divine is alive and well within each one of us and that we are created uniquely and perfectly we align ourselves with that truth and our prayers become more powerful.

We cast off our darknesses not only for ourselves but for each other. We learn to come from the heart and to see our Divine selves within ourselves and within each other. We drop the veil of separation.

It’s no coincidence that our Spiritual Mind Treatment begins these two steps:

1. Recognize: Use the words you speak to acknowledge the One Creative Intelligence, Express your conviction that Spirit is all and permeates the Universe.

2. Unify: Declare that you are one with the Universe and everything that is true of the Universe is true of you because you are made of the same stuff.

and that the strength of our Recognition and Unification is the power behind our prayers.

Knowing that we are truly all one in this life and that it is a good life.