In the book, The Universe is Calling, Eric Butterworth wrote: “But God can do no more for you than he can do through you. There is a cosmic counterpart to your need that is perfect, and within you is the unborn possibility to release it. But, as an employer once noted in a memo that was affixed to the paycheck of a worker, ‘We have decided on a nice salary increase for you, which will become effective when you do.’ “

 The humor deflects the significance of the statement. If we are waiting for Santa Claus, the fairy godmother or prince charming to transform our lives, we will be waiting a very long time. Yet, there is very real possibility of transformation as long as we are working intelligently with our Higher Power.

Quit pleading, begging, and whining. Quit feeling victimized. Quit rationalizing and explaining your past and your future.

The Truth is that in this very moment God is awaiting our recognition of the power of Its Presence. 

The very best possible thing that could happen to anyone, is to awaken to the awareness of their spiritual magnificence. Right now you are beautiful, powerful, lovable and capable! Right now you are enough. Right now you have a limitless supply of every good thing. You are rich beyond measure.

It is your cosmic counterpart. 

When you discover this cosmic counterpart, you open your life and your mind to greater ideas than ever before. You start thinking God thoughts. then every thought is a prayer that is holy, wholesome and vital. When you do, you will notice that the people around you change for the better. They will be 

Stop waiting for your dreams to come true and come true to your dreams.

Can you feel the vibration of the vital energy of Divine Presence in your heart?

Listen to Its Direction.

Eric Butterworth   1916-2003