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Let’s celebrate!

Let’s celebrate YOUR journey!

You have done something most will never do in their life, and that is take a step forward in living an even better life!

The previous 21 days have been a small glimpse into the power that is the Center for Spiritual Living – Capistrano Valley.

Most members will say they walked in the doors of CSLCV when life was the toughest because they were looking for answers…they sensed, they just knew, there had to be a different way of living.

What they found when they stayed surrounded by our community and dedicated themselves to their own spiritual growth, as well as, the growth of the Center, is that their life improved.

They found another way of living….spiritual living.

Most of our members give of their time, talents and treasure to the place that so drastically changed their lives….

Consider the value you received in the last 21 days on your spiritual lifestyle journey.  What is that value worth to you, financially?

We ask that you donate that financial amount to a place that has fed you “spiritual food.”

Click the box below to donate any amount you feel comfortable donating…


Watch this video to experience the power of giving...

Dr. Heather Dawn ClarkThank you for your time in this journey.

Thank you for any donations you gave as a result of seeing the value of this journey.

“All donations are returned to the giver, pressed down, multiplied and spilling over.” Dr. Heather Dawn Clark


We look forward to seeing more of you at the Center for Spiritual Living – Capistrano Valley.