Dr. David Ault
Dr. David Ault

This Sunday the amazing Rev. Dr. David Ault will be speaking at our Center on the topic “You Have Options.” I am very excited about it. He is a powerful speaker and a loving presence. When times are tough it is good to remember who you are and that you always have options. Choose to attend this Sunday. You will be glad you did.

I have been a fan of David’s for a long time, maybe thirty years. Before David was called to pulpit ministry, he was a sought-after singer. The lyrics of his songs had a way of melting hearts, opening minds and bringing hope. I first heard David when he was a member of the group Alliance, who toured with Louise Hay while she was doing her healing work with AIDS victims. In those days, a diagnosis of HIV positive was a death sentence. There was a great deal of fear and hopelessness not only in the afflicted communities but in our culture in general. I remember having a long conversation with our school nurse when I was working in a high school. Her vision for the future was dire … the human race was going to extinguish itself through hormones and unprotected sex.Thank goodness that is not the case.

Louise Hay and Alliance brought hope to those men and women who were dying alone, shunned by their family and friends.The musicians were pioneers in visionary music; music that opened our hearts and gave us hope; music that reminded us that we are more than our problems, our bodies, our broken hearts, that we are infinite, beautiful spiritual beings.

Alliance’s signature song was Jai Joseph’s “I Love Myself the Way I Am.” Their harmonies were exquisite and lyrics were words of truth that resonated with our souls.

I love myself the way I am, 
there’s nothing I need to change 
I’ll always be the perfect me 
there’s nothing to rearrange 
I’m beautiful and capable 
of being the best me I can 
And I love myself just the way I am

 These timeless lyrics were some of the first visionary, metaphysical lyrics, sung in many New Thought centers around the world. Now thanks to songwriters like Karen Drucker, Daniel Nahmod, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Allendale and a host of others we have many profoundly meaningful songs to take us deeper into the mystery and majesty that we are. One of my favorites was recorded by David Ault in 2005, entitled “I’m Here To Remind You.” It is a moving, powerful heartfelt song. I am attaching the video . Take a little time to view it. You will be happy you did. After all, my job is to remind you of your magnificence!