Recently I read a blog post for people who lean toward being introverted about starting conversations at parties or other social gatherings. One question they suggested asking was, “What is your super power?” It got me thinking about how I would answer that question. 

Then I came across a Super Soul Sunday episode where Oprah interviewed  Shauna Niequist, author of Present Not Perfect. Shauna comes from a Christian background, her father is a pastor of a mega church. A few  years ago  she had a spiritual crisis; her life was out of control. Exhausted and depleted, she realized she wasn’t living in alignment with her values and intentions. This realization required a big change. She proceeded to deconstruct her life, let go of obligations and get conscious about her priorities.  

It was a great interview but my favorite part was when Shauna spoke about self-worth and her morning practice. 

Each morning she spends a little time focused on God’s love for her. She centers herself with the image of a beautiful red heart in her mind’s eye and soaks in all of God’s unconditional love. She writes, “not to earn it, but to remind myself that it can’t be earned.” During the interview she said, that she finds comfort in knowing that there is nothing we can do to lose God’s love.
Take that in for a moment.
Close your eyes and imagine a well-spring of love pulsing with each beat of your heart. God is right where you are, expressing in you, through you and as you, right now.
Isn’t that freeing? All of God’s love is right where you are. There is nothing you need to do to earn it. There is nothing you can do to lose it. You are it. In the words of Glenda the Good Witch, “You had the power all along.”

And then I knew! That’s my super power, The knowledge that I’m safe in God’s love always without exception. 

That’s what Sunday’s are all about at our beautiful Center this month, Spiritual Living through Love as Safety.  Come, get filled up and energize that super power!