Set your intention.
All the World’s a Stage. You write the text. You pick your transitive verbs.

Words are powerful. We talk about that all the time. The Intention behind our words is just as powerful, maybe more so.

At the Center for Spiritual Living we talk a lot about “Tools for Transformation.” In fact this month is dedicated to Meditation, a primary tool for transformation.

Many moons ago I studied Method Acting both in Seattle and Los Angeles. These were small studios which were experimental in nature and very ‘craft driven.” We were expected to describe and share our techniques.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the use of “transitive verbs.” I think if used properly Transitive Verbs could qualify as a Tool for Transformation.

A Transitive Verb is

“is an action verb that has an object to receive that action.

An example will make this more clear.

Transitive verbs could be:

  • to share good news
  • to correct a mistake
  • to teach a lesson

Now remember we were using these to create drama and conflict. Even comedy is about conflict. I am a bit out of practice now but we used to really have fun crafting especially meaty phrases that appealed to us emotionally.

  • to expose the lie
  • to shame an inferior
  • to incite jealousy [in the other player]
It has to be “doable” and there has to be a direct object, something or someone (usually the other player in the scene) to receive the action. The actor “doing” the action “to” the other character also is looking to see if their action has been fulfilled. The actor is taking on the actions of the character but his “reaction” is an authentic emtional response to fulfilling or not fulfilling an emotionally charged intention.
The goal with this technique is to create an authentic emotional experience.

All of these actions or transitive verbs could be put behind almost any text. Just think about the simple exchange of “thank you” and your imagination will start to think of all that could be put into those words.

The words you choose are not the end all of your communication.
You choose what you do with your words.

Transitive Verbs could be a Tool for Transformation
  • to speak my truth with joy
  • to gently caress a heart that’s hurting
  • to share a friend’s joy
You can uplift, you can inspire, you can challenge, you can shame, you can celebrate, you can do all these things.

Set your intention? Speak with Care.