“I Believe in God” by Rev. Judee Chapman

Every Sunday morning, we read the Declaration of Principles together as a congregation and ……… every time I repeat those words, my faith is restored. To me, the first statement of Truth, “I believe in God”, is the most powerful and makes me think…… ‘hmmmmm’ Who is God? This Wednesday we will explore what ‘God’ is and why we believe it is ‘The Thing Itself’.

The next declaration is ” the One Creative Intelligence”… etc. It appears to me that this Intelligence is within us and that we can create what we put our attention on in our life. We will discuss the ‘creative process’ and how we create our experiences through these dynamic spiritual laws.

Declaration of Principles

I believe in God, the one Creative Intelligence operating through the Universe and operating throughout my entire being now and always. I believe this perfect Creative Intelligence can be used by me and by every other person, to produce health, abundance and love, in mind, body and total life experience. I use it now, and I rejoice in it. And so it is!

Who is God?