Today in the Joyous Living Journal the title is “Live From Being” and begins by asking the question, “Who would you be if you weren’t so busy doing?” What a great question!

Another way of asking the question is, “Who have you come here to be?” What is your real identity. 

Many of us have had times in our lives when we felt that we didn’t fit, that we were not part of the group or family.

As a child, the second of five, I often felt like I was not a member of our family. I didn’t seem like any of them. I would ask if I were adopted and who my real parents were.

This is quite ironic since I was and still am the spitting image of my mother. Biologically there is no doubt that my family is my family, but spiritually I believe I was simply homesick for heaven. I now believe the reason I felt like an alien was because I was longing for the unconditional Love and Acceptance of the Divine Presence. The place where I wasn’t wrong for being different.

One of my uncles was a great tease. I had a lazy eye and he would call me cockeyed. I didn’t know what it meant but I knew it wasn’t good. I was being picked out for something that made me different but not special.

Here is the truth. I am different and so are you. We are unique individualizations of the One Life. Our uniqueness is God in us as us. Today, from an awareness of my spiritual wholeness, I know that I am here to be the love, harmony, power and grace of God. Whenever I remember my true identity my activities have meaning. I no longer feel hurt by others’ opinions and labels.

Here is something else that is true: I don’t have time NOT to do my spiritual practices.  I cannot afford to show up without meditating and praying. Time stretches when I begin with God. Celebrate your true self. You are one with the One.

Lisa & Kate McClure with me, celebrating my birthday