Signs are important in our day-to-day life. They direct our traffic, point us to the correct restroom and enable the disabled. These, of course, are not the signs I’m referring to. I’m here to write about Divine Signs.

As of this month, I have been working for myself as a programmer for about a year now. I have been blessed with enough work from a single corporate client; however, I’m at the end of the projects and starting to see little to no work in the future. What this means to me: I need to either a) Find another client or b) Find another job.

My wife Amy is an amazing woman. When I discussed this predicament with her she put it plainly, “I don’t think you’re happy working for yourself. Are you?” Smoke may have come out of my ears at that point — I mean, for the last year, I believed this was what I wanted, I had gone out on my own and made something of myself. I was building my own business and proving to the world that I could be successful on my own. It took me a week or two (and a lot of meditation) to realize she was right.

After just under an hour in deep meditation I had this feeling of inspiration. I sat down at my computer and started job hunting. To be honest, I was not hopeful, my expertise is in a very old programming language known as Visual Basic. Furthermore, I had done this job hunting multiple times in the past years without any luck. In fact, I couldn’t even find VB jobs at all. It took me about 20 minutes of searching before I ran across the absolutely perfect job title for my expertise, “VBA Developer (Excel)

After clicking on the link and reading the job description I start laughing because it was too perfect. I showed Amy and she agreed, “This job was made for you.” she said. The only issue was that the job was located in Michigan, but after discussing it, we both agreed that we would move for the right opportunity. Then I saw the Divine Sign that would change our lives forever …

On the left-hand side of the job description was the recruiter’s contact information. The job recruiter’s name: STG. My name is Sean Thomas Greenroyd, the recruitment company IS my initials! My name is literally on this job! We took this as a Divine Sign and I revamped my resume and cover letter and sent it in as soon as I could. Two days later the recruiter called me, I had an excellent interview that Friday and the next Monday they offered me a larger salary than expected with full benefits. Needless to say, I accepted the position.

Sometimes the Truth is muffled because my mind is busy with distractions or fooling me into believing I’m limited. But when I opened to the idea of a new job, it made itself known and when I opened up to the idea of moving to Michigan, the way was already paved. Divinity pointed the way and my action made it possible.

God spoke to me and I answered the call. Will you answer yours?