Wednesday Wisdom 7pm Tonight with Pattie Mercado 

Find a place in nature and know.

The topic for my talk at Wednesday’s Wisdom this week is “What’s in Your Blind Spot?”  If you know the answer then – well it isn’t really a blind spot! Or is it?  When we start exploring the uncharted territory that is our blind spot we find ourselves in that sometimes terrifying place of the unknown. When we start to understand that a blind spot cannot be seen with the human eye, but is sensed even though well hidden behind fear, arrogance, false modesty and more there is an opportunity to set aside, lie down the false belief that has held us back and for the Truth to set us free. My starting place for the inquiry into blind spots began many years ago when I first heard the words: “Can you afford the arrogance of not knowing something the knowing of which could transform your life?” The answer then and now is a resounding no! So, I find myself doing all sorts of contortions to make sure that I am checking my blind spot, being sensitive, checking in, etc. and really it is so much simpler than I have made it out to be!

It’s a powerful inquiry that I am looking forward to deepening at our Wednesday Wisdom service. The exploration is so much better when it is shared and our mid week faith lift is the engaging and uplifting event where everyone has a part to play; where we share in the expansion of life and our understanding of it.

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