Finding your path to prosperity.

 My sister, Julie Pelligrino shared her insights about Prosperity Consciousness with us at the Parent Forum yesterday. (She is visiting from Gettysburg, PA, and was inspired to write this during her flight here.) Happy Reading!

We cannot experience Perfect Prosperity when we are living in a way which is out of alignment with our highest Self and our Soul purpose.

Work is a Sacred word. Job is not. When we begin to do our work (either at a job or outside a job) we will begin to see our prosperity manifest. The idea that there is a hidden belief or a wrong attitude creating our lack is the same as saying that all disease is caused by dis-ease.

It is true that stress, attitudes, and false beliefs manifest as illness, but it is also true that cancer can be a chosen part of the Soul’s journey.Was Christ crucified? Was this due to a lack of union with the Divine on the part of his Spirit? Or as a demonstration of the lack of union for us?

We must be careful not to feel blame when we experience lack.

There is operating in some people a false belief, but for most, our lack is just a doorway, a sign on our path. If we were comfortably abundant, we would be comfortably numb. The purpose of incarnating in the physical form is to fully experience the Divine principles.

The Law of Compensation states that energy cannot by created or destroyed, but only transformed. What we put out comes back to us. If we put forth effort and think nothing is returning,  in truth, it is very likely we are putting forth effort in a state of lack. It we work to overcome lack, then it will only increase lack. Remember, what we focus expands. When we work to create Love, to give Love, to manifest Love, then Love, in all its abundant forms will be made manifest. The Law works both ways.

Our sacred work is to live the highest expression of ourselves; anything else brings lack, which is how lack acts as our Divine teacher.

“But what am I supposed to do?” we may ask.

Very few are so disconnected from Self and Spirit that they do not actually know the answer to that question. However, it is in the Knowing that we are called to express our Divinity that can be frightening… better to live in lack than express the highest. Knowing, as we do, that we challenge others to do the same.

All we need to do to know our work – our purpose – is to notice when we smile, 
which is when Life moves through us

We may need to go back to grammar school and recall the different feelings of cutting & pasting, simple addition, or a game of tether ball to find what made us smile. When we do, keep a smile journal.Those smiles are like lightening – they illuminate the darkness. Capture and record those moments.

Please open fully to the awareness that there are living, self-actualized saints among us, who have jobs as custodians and lunch ladies and CEOs. Those are their jobs, not their lives.

Our current system of trading time for money, and money for goods is shifting. We are beginning to open to the idea of our eternal, limitless divinity.

There is no time in God
There is no money in God
There is no stuff in God
Know this all that you need, or want, 
exists in the garden.

We return to the Garden when we align with our divinity.
We are created in the image of God, and we are limitless.