Recently I was told that our Sunday service no longer inspired some people. That saddens me more than I can say. So I have been thinking about inspiration. I have been thinking that what inspires me may not inspire others. We all have different tastes; we may come from different cultures.

And I continue to think about it. Talent inspires me. Sundays our musicians dish up the best of the best and open our hearts and minds. Tonight I attended Michael Paul Smith’s concert. I am inspired. The music inspired me because it was pitch perfect, powerful and passionate. The story of Paul Robeson, so beautifully told by Michael Paul, inspires me. Robeson was one-of-a-kind talent. He lived an amazing life, accomplishing more than any one person could possibly do. Then he was persecuted for saying that he liked Russia. He liked Russia because the Russian people didn’t see a black man, they saw an incredible talent! He told the truth about his feelings about Russia when it was unwise for an American to speak favorably about anything Russian. There are a couple of other things that inspire me — honesty and courage.

Whenever someone overcomes fear to speak what is true for themselves, I am inspired. Thich Nhat Hahn inspires me. Nhat Hahn is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who urged the Vietnamese people to stop the war and get along together. He did so with gentleness and compassion for all the suffering. His country exiled him for many years. I think that is an example of both courage and honesty.

Tonight, our friends, Michael and Joan Evans Fay were bubbling with excitement. Joan has just been accepted into medical school at the All Saints University in the Commonwealth of the Dominica in the Carribbean. Michael says he is excited about a new adventure! Joan says she happy to know her life’s path. Congratulations! I am inspired that these two beautiful beings are ready to follow their dreams!

So what inspires me is Spirit. Beauty. Truth. Courage. Peace. Transformation. Love. Life. People Inspire Me.

What inspires you?