Listening to the Light along our path?

Can we really allow Spirit to take over? Where are we right now in our world to allow Spirit to be in charge?

Each and every one of our lives are here to unfold. Sometimes we get stuck in a situation we feel we cannot get out of.  Instead of perseverating on the fact the situation is what it is, look for a clearing of the information.  Look everywhere until the answer is heard. The answer is waiting for us to hear it, it is waiting for us to transcend a space that no longer serves us. Let us get out of our own way, our small self that has such a large ego. Let us release to the fact that we can be vulnerable to Spirit.  Spirit can guide us into a space that is so much sweeter, so much deeper, we just have to open up our lives to that Knowingness. 


In this moment I am seeking answers to questions, these questions are seeking to be answered.

Today I am seeking to hear what I need to hear.