Learned Intuition: A Tool For Transformation

How is it possible for a soldier to look down an urban street in Iraq and somehow know there’s a bomb on it? How can a tennis coach predict a double fault before the player even hits the ball? Or closer to home, how can a parent know within an instant what their child is thinking? How can you predict that a car is about to change lanes before the blinker flashes? 

To those unfamiliar with these situations, it looks like magic, but it’s not. Intuition makes you superhuman. It taps into the subconscious mind to effortlessly evaluate situations faster than a mainframe. Once developed, it allows you to be the best without even trying. It gives you an unfair advantage.  

Even better, it can be learned. Intuition is a function of experience and expertise. So regardless of your goals and aspirations, learned intuition can help you become superhuman!  ~ Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Learned Intuition Tools For Transformation
And So It Is!