After reading September Warren’s blog yesterday, I was inspired to visit the website for Global Oneness Day – and now I am counting the minutes until the 8:15 conference time!

I have a very busy day today, so I won’t be able to see everything (it runs until 7pm tonight). Not that every topic would be of interest to me… but they have a great line up of speakers!

As my schedule permits, I will click the link provided when I registered, and stream some of today’s most inspiring New Thought leaders right to my phone or laptop. Did I mention that its free??? (There is an option to purchase MP3 files of the conference, but we’ll see how it goes.)

You can still participate!
Click here: to register. 

Beyond today’s event, there are other things you can do to get involved. If you’re interested, I encourage you click here to visit their website to learn more. The shift is happening. 🙂