To the Men & Women of the HMM-364 Purple Foxes
We Salute You

At 10;30 am every Sunday, We Light the Flames of Faith, a call to service. Where we recognize the many paths to Spirit, and of Service.

In today’s excerpt from the Joyous Living Journal we are inspired to find our “Healing Chant” in indigenous peoples this was also called the “Death Chant”. In the native american tradition this chant was discovered thru spirit quest, or passed down thru your relations, and sung in moments of adversity.

This year I have embraced my inner Cherokee, by fasting and then attending ceremony on Saturday evenings with my friend and Vietnam veteran +Gene Stone. This has been a very powerful experience and has brought a centeredness to my life that is hard to put in words. The chants we sing, the prayers that have been asked and answered have been profound and amazing. You should check out his blog from a Native American Viewpoint “We are All Part of the Earth” the way of Primal Spirituality.

Yesterday, I had another powerful experience when I went with one of my blogging students +Paul Gavin  to view the end of a long chapter in our nations history, covering a twelve ship “Heritage Flight” of the USMC HMM-364 World Famous Purple Foxes as they transition from flying the Phrog to the Osprey. This is the end of a 50 year history of service where these birds were very much the horse of years gone by. The Purple Foxes got our fighting men and women into and out of all kinds of sticky situations around the globe. And we remember the sacrifices they have made for our country, and the Marine motto of “Do The Right Thing, For The Right Reason.”

When your time comes may your healing chant include that you did all the right things, for all the right reasons, a message I have heard time and time again in ceremony and in service.
Your heart will be your guide for this, And So It Is.