Releasing to make way for spiritual healing. 

The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained. – David Bohm

In this line of New Thought, Ancient Wisdom thinking, it is interesting when we enter into a relationship that has us puzzled. Unbeknownst to us at the time, we are communicating, voluntarily submitting to energy that we may not feel is in alignment with our “true” beliefs or ways of Being. Is this relationship showing up to teach us something, or are we in the relationship to teach someone else?

In the Joyous Living Journal, today’s installment is titled Distribution Value Center. “You are a distribution center for the undifferentiated Life Force. It is directed through every aspect of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotions. It takes form through your health, relationships, career, finances, and every aspect of the world you live in.”

If a relationship is showing up in our lives that is not serving us, it is time to look to our spirit. “..your spirit starts checking out long before your body and world start breaking down.” “The yearning of your spirit is stronger than your mind.” Healing of our spirit will heal all aspects of our lives. When we take the time to connect with our spirit, our answers come from guidance.

Reevaluating our lives may take courage, it may mean releasing some relationships. Making time to journal through each aspect of health, relationships, career and finances may release some trapped thoughts or emotions that have been on repeat in our beliefs. Much like eating and eliminating the waste products. Thoughts may come into our bodies, produce certain emotions, and become ingrained in our cellular system. If we are not eliminating these thoughts, they may develop into some physical manifestation within our body. Eliminating through writing gives us the opportunity to release those toxic thoughts which have been building up in our bodies. Making a ritual for those writings is another process which can be incorporated. Burning, shredding, or praying over the writings can be a way to finalize the elimination. Sometimes keeping the writings in a journal can be a ritual as well. This is a way to reflect back on the progress made and to be used as a reminder of the courage it took to take this step toward release.

Affirmation: I am courageously reexamining the directives of my distribution center.