Amazing Lola; Small in Stature, Big in Heart

Here at our Center the Animal Kinship Ministry offers a Releasing Ceremony for our loved ones. When you make the decision to allow your pet to move onto its next life, you do not have to do it alone. 
I had the privilege of being present for Kelly when she made the decision to allow her beautiful Lola, a long haired Chihuahua,  to move onto the next plane of existence. Lola was having heart issues.  She was 14 years old and had lived a full, privileged, loving life. We held her and we celebrated her life. I  spoke about Lola being a teacher because we learn how to nurture by being nurtured. Lola nurtured Kelly and taught her how to be a mom. Lola taught unconditional love and how to stay in the moment.  Lola taught Kelly the process of slowing down and the fact that everything is on its way to someplace else.
Kelly had a vet come to the house to administer the drugs.  You could feel the love in the room.  The whole process  was inspiring.  I  witnessed Kelly’s experience.  She now knows that there is more than just this body, more than just this life.  It was honoring, beautiful and s-o-o-o loving.

Written by Kathy Storey, RScP; Kathy serves on the Center’s Board of Trustees as Secretary; she and her wife Tony Sparks lead our Animal Kinship ministry; sacred service is her passion.