Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Some of us moms have the supermom syndrome.  We try to do EVERYTHING for our children.  We do this sometimes because the fear of guilt, of not doing for our children, can weigh on our hearts like a huge brick.  We try to involve them in activities that will fit them perfectly.  We have our mom calendars with us at every moment.  Some of us moms, with full time jobs, use our lunch breaks to fill out forms for: teams, scholastic contests, scouting events, etc.  We are in multi-tasking mode most of the time.  Our friends, and/ or co-workers “marvel” at our ability to “do it all.”  We are amazed it seems to all get done.  And as you read in Lisa Belkin’s article, our power of finding lost things has been honed and perfected.  The powers of supermom are in the doing, but now take a minute to realize it is in the Being as well.

When my daughter was younger, I wondered why, at each time I attempted to walk in a certain direction, my daughter would walk in the exact same path I walked.  Bumping into her and tripping over her was commonplace.  It would happen so frequently that I would have to stop, after I started my steps, just to see which direction she was going to head.  I thought it could not be coincidental; it had to be some sort of connection.

Having an interest in Quantum physics, I am always fascinated by articles involving the connection of cells.  Not long ago I read an article which mentioned, the cells of a child stay with a mother for 10 years after birth.  In another article, in Scientific American, the implications of a longer duration are suggested.  The experience I had when my daughter was younger gave me concrete evidence that our cells are connected.  Yes, I know we are Spiritually connected, now I have personal proof that we are physically connected.

Though I really do not need proof of our Spiritual connection, this I just know, an example was given.  My daughter and I recently did have solid proof of our connection in Spirit.  We had a conversation in Spirit.  While dining at a restaurant, I left the table to wash my hands.  As I was washing I was looking down, not in the mirror.  In my mind I heard someone whisper, “Mom.” I didn’t look up at first.  My daughter didn’t follow me into the restroom when I left the table, so it couldn’t be her.  I looked up into the mirror, about 5 seconds later, no one was behind me.  After I returned to the table she was not seated.  When we reunited I told her of my experience.  She explained that she walked behind me, while I was washing my hands, did not say anything aloud, however she did think it in her mind.  It was not a surprise to me this occurred, but I love that she experienced it.  I explained that when we tune into our Spiritual connection more of these occurrences will show up in our lives.

Each one of us can strengthen our supermom powers through our Spiritual connection.  Forcing it to happen will not make it happen, allowing it to happen will.  Through meditation, affirmative prayer, intention setting and visioning, supermom powers can take on a whole new meaning.  A knowingness that things happen with grace and ease become the norm.  Sit with an intention of developing that strength and just allow the events to unfold.  Become witness to the occurrences of the superpowers within and connect with your children on a deeper level.

I stand in the Power of I Am as Mom.
The connection I have with (insert child’s name) is one of Love, Laughter, Beauty and Grace.
Only Goodness happens in conversations with my (insert child’s name.)
I am honored to have (insert child’s name) as my son/daughter.
I Am strong in Spirit.
I AM, I AM Supermom, and I can do anything!