I am so blessed!  I was  exposed/introduced to Science of Mind 22 years ago. I knew it was a fit for me.  I took classes with Dr. Jacque and was definitely drawn to the principles and concept.   In fact for most of these 20+ years I have carried a personal treatment in my day-timer.

I’ve given affirmative prayers as an opening to Choir and other similar groups.   I understood the concept; I know it to be true.  But there was a missing link.

Then back in November of 2014, a life experience began.  As a part of my annual physical lab work indicated my PSA was definitely high the prostrate biopsy confirmed, there was a cancer issue.   I affirmed to myself this issue would be resolved with a positive outcome.  But there was still a missing element a feeling of incompleteness.

I contacted Rev. Judee Chapman and explained this situation and asked for her practitioner assistance.  We had two meeting just talking and sharing our backgrounds.  Surgery as a solution was obvious natural medical conditions attached. Judy explained how in her personal medical challenges how treatment provided the extra positive belief and support. 

Then the day before, (I think) Judee and I meet after a short talk, she held my hands and treated confirming that the surgery has the positive results, that all is well and good.  Acknowledging the professional quality of the hospital staff and all the friends that have and are providing encouragement and support this treatment completely encompassed the beginning and complete of the process.

It wasn’t until that moment maybe half way through her treatment the feeling that an “ah-ha” cloaking warmth along with her words all came together.  It had meaning, direction and value that I cannot even begin to communicate.   To use an old cliche “the light came on”.

Judee was amazing; she came to the hospital sat with Barbara while I was in surgery, although I was out-of-it, offered another treatment.  I don’t remember it but now I am sure ”gratitude” was a focal element. 

Treatment now has a new deeper and special significant purpose.  Judee Chapman, you will always be a part of a gratitude statement in my daily treatment of thanks. For those who hear the words, repeat the words, know that one day, in one particular moment, the deep, deep, truth of a treatment’s power will be felt, understood and give each moment thereafter new value.
To Judee Chapman and all those unnamed practioners, Thank you! Thank You!.

Sincerely, with humility and loving heart,

Ken Robuck