In his  thought-provoking book, The Power of Decision, author Raymond Charles Barker writes:

“The individuals ability to act unintelligently in a universe of Intelligence is amazing. Unintelligence functioning in human consciousness produces wrong decisions, people limit themselves with sickness, financial strain, family quarrels, and frustration, all of which are unnecessary. The power to make right decisions are yours…a healthy mind will cease making erroneous decisions……The infinite Mind could not act unintelligently…Cause is never indecisive, never disturbed, and never defeated”

Since we are made in the image and likeness of this Cause, our minds were created as an instrument of Divine Mind. 

The unintelligent factors are worry, fear, hate, and resentment. We could include all negatives. God is undisturbed by our wrong decisions.

Because God does not take anything personally, a new, right thought will start a new train of causation.

Some people were brought up to believe that they needed to worry in order to be a good parent!

The opposite is really true. Worrying is wrong thinking and will actually magnetize what is feared into manifestation.

Wouldn’t it be  better to think hopeful thoughts? positive thoughts? helpful thoughts?

Some people will say that just isn’t realistic. But what is Reality? If reality is a Universal Mind that creates out of any impress made upon it, then positive thoughts are working in alignment with Reality. 

It may feel awkward. If may feel impractical to be affirming your intelligence when you seem to have evidence to the contrary.

I like Louise Hay’s advice, 

“Say to yourself 300-400 times  a day, ‘I approve of myself.'” 

When you establish a firm belief in your own self-acceptance, the possibilities are endless.

What I have recently noticed about myself is that it is very easy to choose anger instead of love. I found myself talking to a trusted friend about un-chosen changes in my life. I started feeling angry. How absurd! I am the creator of all my experiences — whether planned or unplanned. From this moment on, I am deciding to think intelligently, lovingly and wisely. I approve of myself and give you room to approve of yourself too.