As we near the end of 2013 it is the perfect time to think back on all the inspiring people, posts and services that we have experienced this year.  My favorite was a true story told by Fred Mercado on the Parable of The Piano, a rift on the Parable of Talents from Jesus.

In Fred’s story our center needed a new piano, the cost was way beyond the meager means of our small center. So to that end everyone here was given a $10 bill, to do with as they pleased to grow that $10 into something more.  Did you know we turned those $10 bills into a $10,000 Piano? 
A 1000 to 1 increase, Miraculous! This is the kind of consciousness that has brought us the “Home That We Own” So In the Spirit of “The Parable of the Piano” I give you our New Center.
What will you grow our Center into in 2014? I am sure it will be perfect. 

The Parable of The Piano
And So It Is!