The One Perceiving the Divine Bounty

“Why should you expect the greatest and the finest in your life? We exist in a Divine Bounty that awaits our taking, and the way of taking is a mental one that starts with desire, decision, and expectancy. No one is ever too young or too old to expect great things.No one is ever too rich or too poor to expect great things.If you are sick, expect to get well. If you are unhappy, expect to be happy. No power outside yourself is demanding that you be miserable.”  The Power of  Decision by Raymond Charles Barker

I love Raymond Charles Barker’s clear thinking and straight forward  discussions.What do you really expect in your life?

It is a good idea to check your expectations often. I remember a time in my life when if something happened like a collision, a cancelled appointment, a missed bus, I would say, “Well isn’t this just perfect.” Heavy sarcasm. It wasn’t perfect. I used to say that there were accidents and things just happened. I would have been the kind of person who would read a book entitled, “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?”  I would feel empathy for the person and say things like “It just isn’t right.”

Maybe you can relate. Yet things are not good or bad. They are simply the outworking of a perfect spiritual law from cause (Idea) to effect (experience.)

When we start studying the Spiritual Principles, we begin to realize that nothing ever happens to us, it happens through us. In other words, we subconsciously believed that things happened to us. We even thought that worrying was the truly the right thing to do, especially for mothers.We expected the other shoe to fall. We expected that tomorrow would be just about the same as today. And we were right! It was exactly what happened until we took charge of our thinking and used our mind for good.

What would happen if we simply realized how good life is? What if we just expected the best for ourselves, our friends and our families? 

When I was at the Lake Arrowhead conference, I  I was feeling so grateful for the Divine Bounty of the universe. A group of us were relaxing in the afternoon, enjoying each other’s company and feeling blessed. This was the upward view from the Adirondack chairs. Nature does blue and green gloriously.

The Divine Bounty