This month we will be using Ernest Holmes book, This Thing Called You, as our inspiration for the messages. Dr. Holmes uses Chapter One to establish the greatness and the infinite possibilities there are in you

 He writes’ “You are one with the Creative Genius back of a wide array of ceaseless motion, this original flow of life. You are as much a part of it as the sun, the earth, and the air. There is something in you telling you this — a like a voice echoing from some mountain top of inward vision,like a light whose origin no man has seen, like an impulse welling up from an invisible source. Your soul belongs to the Universe. Your mind is an outlet through which the Creative Intelligence of the universe seeks fulfillment.”
Imagine how blessed human beings are! We sound like super-heroes. Indeed we are!

But then Holmes  begins Chapter 2 with the question, “Why, then, if these things are true, is the world still impoverished, mentally and physically ill, and unable to become unified? “

I am certain that many people have had the same question, or one similar to it. If I am so gifted, talented and connected, why am I not fabulously wealthy, enjoying my life with the  person of my dreams and doing work that is satisfying?

We know the answer, don’t we? We know that it is done unto us as we believe. We know that life is created from the inside out; if we want different experiences we will need to embrace a new idea about ourselves and our lives.

I think that we don’t really give our new ideas enough time and energy to truly believe them. It is possible that in the busy lives we lead, we don’t take enough time to think about what we DO want. Most of us are really good at passionately thinking about what we do not want! 

As many of you know, as part of my daily spiritual practice, I read the current Science of Mind magazine in addition to a 1950’s version of it. Robert Bitzer wrote the daily guides for December, 1951.  He gave the readers the tip that they should read the guide, “every hour on the hour” to fully embrace the ideas. Wow! Now that would be planting a new idea with great intention that it become manifest. 

I have also been reading Dr. Joseph Murphy’s Power of Your Subconscious Mind, in which he emphasizes that it takes diligent, three-times daily, five full minutes to change your mind and begin to manifest a new idea. 

I have heard people say that they tried Spiritual Mind Treatment once or twice but it doesn’t work so they quit. 

Ernest writes: “Jesus summed up the whole proposition when he said, ‘It is done unto you as you believe.’ In interpreting this saying, however, you must pause after the word as.Think about the meaning and you will discover that he is saying that life not only responds to your belief, it responds after the manner of your believing, as you believe. It is like a mirror  reflecting the image of your belief.”

If you do not like what is being reflected, change your mind.