I just read September Warren’s poignant post about 9/11. I, too, watched it unfold on television all those years ago, and somehow, even though I was on the other side of the country, and mercifully lost no close friends or family that fateful day; just seeing the images of the towers engulfed in flames brings the feelings of horror and helplessness flooding right back… I suspect that I am not alone… It was truly a sad day for our nation, and one that will take a long time to heal.
Perhaps that is why the Centers for Spiritual Living selected September 14 as the World Day of Service. As we look to heal from the tragedy of 9/11, we know that one of the very best things we can do is to serve others.
World Day of Service has been organized as a day to come together in service to our communities. This Saturday, dozens of Centers for Spiritual Living across the country will participate in various community-service activities, designed to remind ourselves that it’s all about connection. We really are all one: one people, one planet, one God.
So what are we doing? I thought you’d never ask! That’s the best part!
We are hosting a BEACH CLEAN UP 3:30-5PM at North Beach in San Clemente.
Followed by a no-host BONFIRE at 5:30pm!

(No-Host means that you bring whatever food you want to cook, but we will have plenty of wood and fixin’s for s’mores!)
If you’ve never done a beach clean-up, they are really fun. Not only are you helping the environment, but you get to be outside, enjoying the sun and beach. It is a win-win. One tip though: they provide those thin latex gloves. I recommend bringing your own rubber gloves (not leather or fabric). You’ll also want a hat and sunscreen, because even the late-afternoon sun can burn.
Finally, plan to bring a friend or two. Serving others is much more fun when it is shared. If there is someone you’ve wanted to invite to church, this is a great way to introduce them to us.
Dr. Kenn Gordon, spiritual leader for Centers for Spiritual Living, says, “We believe that prayer changes lives. We also believe that the only way God can accomplish anything is through us–God works in us, through us, and as us. We can pray that the hungry are fed, and we do, but we also need to take action to feed the hungry. We envision a world that is free of homelessness, violence, war, and hunger. World Day of Service is about taking action in our communities around the world so together we can create that world, a world that works for everyone.”
This Saturday, September 14, at 3:30pm we are coming together at North Beach to help clean up our little corner of the world, but in so doing, we recognize that we are part of a global effort. There is so much power in that – plus, we’re gonna have a really good time! I hope to see you there.

For more information, please contact Diane at the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley 949-240-6463 or media@cslcv.org