Recently I saw a news story that touched me deeply. I think it is a universal message of being connected to everyone and everything. It is a true story which is still going on in Whittier, CA. It is about Ed Gernon, who opened his heart to a feral dog, and gave him a home. The dog, now known as Rex, was basically living on his hunting skills. Then one day when  they were out for a walk, Rex stopped and wouldn’t leave a tiny, injured hummingbird. Ed says that the bird looked dead to him, was covered in ants but Rex insisted that his companion do something. So Ed took the hummingbird home and nursed her back to health. The hummingbird, aptly named Hummer has been living in Ed’s home for the past year. Ed says he surprised himself with the measures he took. He fed little Hummer every fifteen minutes from sunrise to sunset  until she regained her strength. He says he taught her to fly with a hair dryer. She loves both the man and the dog who rescued her. She bathes in Rex’s water dish. She sleeps in Ed’s glasses. She will even let him give her a kiss. The three of them are inseparable.

When I saw this story, I was deeply moved for many reasons. First, Ed had to see the gentle possibilities in his adopted “wild, bad boy” dog. Then Ed’s dedication to Hummer was amazing. Constant, consistent loving care was required and the results are miraculous. Patience and optimism were present. Ed was guided to listen to Rex when Rex was insistent that he save this little creature. The story did not say that Ed was a bird lover and in fact left me with the impression that raising a hummingbird was the last thing on Ed’s mind. Yet the intelligence within him guided him to do the right thing. Love guided him to befriend both of these beings. 

Paul told us in Corinthians 1:14: “Love is patient. Love is kind.”

Ernest Holmes tells us the the Divine is present in all people and all beings. Ed Gernon’s loving care is evidence of that patience and kindness.

It makes me wonder how many times I have walked right by someone or something that could have used my help. It makes me wonder what other gifts I have to give. Ed, Rex and Hummer are my teachers even though they have never met me. Today I will look for ways to be kind.