new perspective San Clemente
gaining a new perspective on acceptance and gratitude

I’ve been all over the place this week … or at least that’s how I feel. Digitally and physically I’ve not been at home. Between housesitting and a dead harddrive I’ve been a displaced person.

The change of scenery, routine and habits has been a nice little shake up in how I experience life. We all get into ruts now and then. The lessons of Acceptance and Gratitude were the gifts. Enjoy.

Sometimes I find myself railing against the things that I don’t want and yearning for things to be different.

I know that this railing just adds energy to what I don’t want. But I do it anyway. You start to kind of fall in love with your pain, romanticize the wounds, you identify with them so much that you end up giving them energy to grow and fester.

Acceptance, sweet acceptance is like a soothing balm … the psychic aloe vera for our soul. It takes the burn out and lets us heal.

It’s an inside job but it’s also a reciprocal job.

And here comes Gratitude, flying in with it’s long red superhero cape, guiding us to acknowledge and feel all the good we are experiencing. Reminding us that we are co creators in that good and in the care and maintenance of that good.

In our eagerness to receive our good we forget that we are co creators and guardians.

I am just returning home after a week of housesitting. It is a beautiful residence but I have become aware of a big source of it’s beauty isn’t it’s location and structure, but the care, consciousness and creativity of the occupants. They co created this space and chose to fill it with beauty and creativity. It inspires me. There is a constant maintenance in keeping a home. We take out the trash, we rearrange the furniture, we apply our consciousness to create form, function and beauty.

Creation takes conscious attention and maintenance.

When I find myself railing against circumstance I am going to apply the soothing balm of acceptance, connect with my super power Gratitude and take care of what is mine gratefully, consciously, and lovingly.

That was my lesson this week.