Is it possible that each one of us has a dark side?

Bringing balance to the forces of dark and Light.

In Star Wars, bringing balance to the force is something sought.  Conversations are discussed by fans of the movie regarding this very subject on the balance between dark and light.  Can we really know Light without experiencing the dark?
Look at artists, many of them are revered because of their dark side.  Imagine a poet in a dark, smoke-filled basement with a low ceiling, their brooding takes on a life of its own. It is the dark that brings out the performance and we snap our fingers in approval for the artists’ “coolness.”  We see paintings that are haunting and feel drawn to them.  Strong emotions arise when viewing the piece; it may have the feeling of being forbidden.  Is the dark side something we ought to shun?  Is it something that we should steer clear of?
Bringing balance to the light and dark is the key to understanding a dark side.  If a life is lived constantly in the dark, as if pulled, allured, drawn, then an unbalanced energy will be the outcome.  Listening to sad songs over and over again, during times of sadness, is ok if it doesn’t extend over days, weeks, months & years.  There has got to be a time to come up for air, a time to see the Light.
We do not have to steer clear of our dark side, for in time of great darkness, may come great revelations.  Just as in times of great Light, transformation happens.  It is learning how to balance between the two forces is where strength is developed.
Creativity may come out of a dark side, take a look at Monty Python movies.  It is said the British have a wicked sense of humor.  If Monty Python is any indication then I believe the rumors.  Also see the Gary Larson, The Far Side comic above. Most of his comics are about animals taking on human traits, but he does have dark themes in some of them.  Can one learn to appreciate and love oneself, even with your dark side?
At the end of the battle sequence of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker removes Darth Vader’s mask.  He discovers the man behind the dark force for the first time.  Luke sees a frail man, who is powerless without his hard, dark exterior. Luke tenderly speaks to man who he now knows is his father.  A tone of love is expressed.
If we have chosen a life hidden behind a hard, dark exterior, it is time to remove the armor, the shield, the mask, and all the defenses.  It is time to understand that there can be a dark side and a light side to one’s life and it is possible to balance between the two. Prayer and meditation are the tools needed to move into balance.  Love yourself, even with your dark side.