The Death Of A Pet
Little animals are here to show us how much Love we are capable of. 

Last Sunday we had a heartbreak. Our daughter’s hamster had become suddenly, gravely ill. While at the Urgent Care Animal Hospital, we had to make the choice to let her go.  Though it was a very tough decision, we were assisted in making it by a very caring nurse.  We all shed tears for this little addition to our home.  She was a sweet, tame, little animal who put up with all our hugs, kisses, costumes, and starring roles on my daughter’s videos. Arriving home after the hospital was somber.  We gathered together as a family in my daughter’s room to say a prayer for our dear, little hamster. 

I spoke of the connection we had with her.  That she brought a lot of joy and laughter into our lives.  Our lives were forever changed by her presence in our lives.  I spoke of the gratitude for her sharing her life with us. 

After a while my daughter brought my son’s hamster into our room.  She was holding him in her typical loving and caring manner.  My son, being the highly sensitive boy he is, told my daughter that she could now share his hamster.  It was a very loving offering which brought tears to our eyes. 

Having this pet in our home was such a blessing and treat.  Because my husband has such extreme allergies to animals, we knew furry creatures were not going to make into our household.  We tried a bird and had to take it right back because my husband was allergic. We decided on fish as being her real first pet.  Even with making all the right steps in caring for fish, we learned quickly that fish can perish.  We had about 15 fish come through my daughter’s fish tank.  Each one of them were named and loved.  We even purchased an amusing ghost shrimp, which is now the reason for her refusal to consume shrimp. 

Getting this little hamster was exciting because my husband seemed to handle her much more easily than other haired/ feathered animals.  He never admitted to her, he realized a little later, he was having allergic symptoms. He knew this was a little creature she could hold, hug, and love.  She has so much love in her heart, he knew she always wanted an animal to share that love inside, he just could not provide one to her because of the circumstances of allergens. 

This week has been difficult on my daughter, she deeply misses her pet and she reflects on how much she misses her often.  While she takes this time to mourn her pet’s passing, she is allowed to reflect on the joy her pet brought to her life.  It is also a time where I remind her of the connection in Spirit she had with this pet.  This pet came to her to show her how much love she is capable of showing to living creatures.  She came to her to show what gratitude is for another living being.  Her pet came to her so that she can recognize Joy. 

Today I reflect on the joy animals bring into my life.  
I am grateful that I am able to recognize the gift of who they are.  
I know the sacred energy of animals and respect their place in this world.  
I know, with animals in my life, the opportunity to be completely vulnerable to love is possible. 
Vulnerability practice with animals opens my heart to allow an opportunity to share love with others.