It’s Christmas time! I love the hustle and bustle of people being in stores looking for gifts, shopping and planning for family feasts and intimate gatherings of close friends. Collaborating and negotiating time with family and friends. The lights, music, traditions and sacred moments in prayer inspire me.

The movies, commercials and stories are all aimed to inspire us to remember the Spirit of Christmas, ‘the reason for the season’ with tales of forgiveness, redemption, the power of love and self-realization. Billboards, songs and blogs are all reminding us that it is Merry (joyful, happy) Christmas. And it is! I love it when a good commercial, movie or song brings me to tears of joy and awe. It doesn’t really matter to me if they are “true” or not. It’s how they make me feel. If I could, I would share all of my favorite Christmas movies right here with you,but since that is not practical I offer the most recent inspirational video I have seen this year.

You may be one of the 30,409,928 viewers who have seen this video of the power of Christmas spirit and the power of  your Christmas wish. This year I am asking for beautiful connections with my family and friends, I am asking for an even greater capacity of my heart to give and receive love, and I am asking for my senses to be enhanced so that I see, hear, feel, taste, smell and intuit the beauty and perfection that this One Life is in an even greater way. It is my wish to be uplifting and to see the good in all as all. 

There’s One Power working through Santa, parents, friends and all of us. If you knew without a doubt that your Christmas wish would be granted what would you wish for?