We are all connected. Each of us taking part in the perfection of the whole.

One of the things about nature that always amazes me is it’s infinite interconnectedness. The complex relationships betweens animals, plants, seasons, all of it, seen and unseen. How delicate, self-sustaining, ever self-correcting that balance is miraculously maintained.

If you have ever had a fish tank you learn pretty quickly that keeping an ecosystem in balance is no small feat. It takes a lot of conscious work. We’ve all heard of various ecological disasters that happened as a result of man trying to solve a problem by making changes to an environment and consequently throwing everything off because of his limited understanding of the interconnectedness of that environment.

It is truly a Divine Mystery.

It would go to follow that each of us is also created with that meticulous interconnected magic. Each of us different in our unique and special way. We are connected to each other, our environment, the entire world in this web of life.

Being true to our Divine nature, recognizing our gifts, honoring the gifts of others and curbing internal pollution strengthens that web of life and “all boats float higher.”

I was thinking about this and how following our individual vision is far from selfish, as it strengthens and empowers all of us. Not being conscious of this truth sometimes leads to us not shining our light as strongly as we can. So I wrote this list of personal reminders to keep me on the right track and put ideas into action.

“I don’t know if it’s truly inspiration or just mental chatter?” I wonder sometimes. Meditation has become a regular spiritual practice for me and at first I did think it was a bit self indulgent. I mean I have kids who seem to need something all the time. It’s like they can sense the second my full attention is not completely on them.

Taking time on a daily basis to get quiet has definitely enriched my intuitive listening. You have to turn off that television, drop the cell phone, and remove yourself from the day to day hustle and worries and not just when you feel a crisis but daily, as a practice.

If you are interested in a beginning or enriching this practice our center is hosting a fabulous meditation retreat in San Clemente January 17-19.

To listen to inspiration and act upon it. You may not know why in the moment but your actions can resonate deeply throughout your web of influence. You must listen AND act, faith will grow, the muscle will strengthen.

And maybe that vertigo feeling of everything accelerating beyond my control will go away and maybe it won’t. No one said this was going to be boring.

Your creativity is your gift to the world. You may not be privy to the big picture but if you are called to create something you should create it. Divine mind LOVES having you as a creative outlet and that makes a positive difference in the world.

Acting upon inspiration is a creative selfless act which fills you with joy and strengthens the web of life. Sharing is helping others for the very reason that what is most personal is most universal. Maybe it all has been said before but it hasn’t been said by you, the way you do, at the time you do and maybe that will make all the difference for someone else.

Do you remember Smokey the Bear saying “only you can prevent forest fires?” Only we can stop our internal pollution. Stop the gossip. Stop listening to the criticisms. Judgement and criticisim real and imagined can stop us in our tracks keeping us stagnate and hurting.

When I feel criticized and judged my heart hardens and creativity drops to zero. It’s not a good place. I don’t want to be there and it’s not good for any of us.
Give that smile, work on that forgiveness issue, be compassionate with yourself and others for we are all doing our best.