Dave Friedman – Practitioner and Facilitator
of the Spiritual Men’s Group of South
Orange County

I find myself involved in a Men’s Group. What is a men’s group? A group of men, for starters. And what do we do? Why even have one? Allow me to share with a few random thoughts about this.

Women talk to women all the time. About what? Stuff. Guys don’t know what girls talk about, or even how they have so much to say. I got to thinking, who do we talk to about stuff? And what kind of stuff? Well, it did take a couple years to fully percolate, but I finally decided it would be fun to talk with other guys about stuff, too. Like who are we, Where are we. Why are we here. How ‘bout them Seahawks? How did we get here. Are we happy? What’s next? How do we get there? How do I feel about this? Why do you say that? You know, just stuff. 
And what might be different about this? First, it’s just guys. We are (more or less) officially the Men’s Spiritual Group of South Orange County. We’ve been meeting for about 3 months now. We have a very strong dedicated core group of guys. And a few guests who wander in and out every once in a while. The conversations can get very spirited. But we always end up with smiles and hugs and a see you next time.

The nature of guys is to do! And we’re trying to spend some time just Being. So that is a little different for us. I find, though, that it causes me to go through my days looking at things a little differently, paying attention in a different way, as anything out there could and does spark a debate/discussion. That’s where the learning and growing happens.

It’s fun to go to a meeting with a half an idea of what we may discuss, then have someone present a thought that has been bouncing around in their head, and realize two hours just passed in a moment. The connection is real, heartfelt and lasting. Ahh, maybe that’s what the girls have always known. Now, the secret is out. Thanks Girls. And Thanks to the guys who are making this something special. We are by no means a closed group. We invite men of all kinds to come and spend an evening with us. 
Please contact, me, Dave, with any questions or to inquire about the next men’s group.  daveamon (at)yahoo(dot)com.