” During Winter it is Summer underneath the surface of the earth. And it is this Summer under the surface of the earth in the Winter time that makes the roots of the plants to thrive.”   Alicia Hamberg

In our journal we are asked to consider what happens in winter. Are you taking time to deepen your roots, your connection to Source? These are the roots that help you grow.

How will you create fallow time in which your roots grow stronger?

Both my nephews in Saskatchewan are farmers. They are very aware of what is needed to ensure a healthy harvest.Occasionally they will plant winter wheat, a variety of wheat planted in the fall, allowed to germinate and grow young plants. the plants stay in that vegetative state until spring, when they continue growing to maturity. 

I think it must have taken a great deal of faith to believe that those tender plants would survive the long, cold Saskatchewan winter.

Do we have faith enough in our beingness that we know that even in the hardest, coldest  and barren of times that something within us is strengthening us?

What would it take to build that consciousness?

I believe it takes persistence and practice. It takes the willingness to get up, dust yourself off and start all over again.It requires a personal connection with the Divine by which any name you call It/Him/Her.

You are ready to grow spiritually and you will remember God is all you need in every situation.

My sister Kathy and her son, Jeff Hoiness