Here we are in the first days of 2014, a new year, a new beginning. Vision boards are still drying or are even still to be considered.  New Year’s Resolutions have been made and forgotten, released, refined and some are already fulfilled.   Is it too soon to start completing 2014? Well, yes it is. However, it is my belief and my experience that if we practice conscious completion at the end of each day and at the end of the major events in our life we will experience a deeper peace and sense of well being in our lives and in the world.

Finding time to be still and complete can fell like just another to-do item on the never ending list. In today’s fast paced life we move from activities so fast sometimes it makes us (literally forces us to) sit down and just stop. That is different than choosing to be still for a few minutes everyday to reflect on what has occurred, how I felt and feel now, who I connected with the aha’s that I experienced. It does not need to take a long time and you might find yourself making more time for it as you get into the practice. Completion is not just a solitary experience and is powerful to share with your partner, children family and colleagues. 
I like completion because I believe it naturally leads to creativity. As I am complete with this activity, event or project I enter freely, uninhibited into whatever is next – even if that next is sleeping. As I consciously complete the events and activities in my life I find myself also completing with old beliefs, patterns and ideas that no longer serve me. I find that I am less inhibited with regret, disappointment and anticlimactic success. Completion does not automatically assume that we are happy with the way things are or have been left. It is the process of telling the truth about it and taking time to appreciate whats so. By giving ourselves permission to acknowledge how we are feeling we also give ourselves permission and the opportunity to move on with a clean slate. 
So, it might be too soon to complete 2014 but it is not too late to complete 2013 or any other past event from this year or years past. Sunsets lead to a sunrise and endings always mean a new beginning. Here’s to the new beginnings that are being revealed for each of us!
Here are a few prompts that you might choose from for your completion process. 
Who and what am I grateful for?
Where did I feel separate from my good?
Where/how did I feel connected to Spirit, Life? 
How does it feel to be done with this activity/project/day?
What did I learn about myself?
What do I need to do, say, or write to be complete for this day?