“I affirm that every action I take, every situation I experience, every word I speak and every thought I have is a reflection of my faith that the Universe is conspiring for my good!” Rev. Brian Akers

What a magnificent affirmation! This is the affirmation for Sunday, May 22, 2016. I love it. It calls me to action. It calls me to ensure that my life reflects it in everything, that the words and the music go together, are in alignment with each other. It is an affirmation of truth.

Sometimes it is difficult to see that conspiracy. Today was one of those days. I decided to TAKE my application for naturalization up to Santa Ana rather than put it in the mail. Even though my first idea was to simply go to the post office here. That would have been the fastest and most direct route. But instead, I drove up to Santa Ana with my GPS constantly telling me to take the next exit. (I had instructed the GPS at an earlier time to give me a route without any freeways.) It was simply obeying the latest command it had from me.

That program is just like our subconscious mind that only knows how to obey the command. It doesn’t evaluate it. It doesn’t and can’t change it. Our conscious mind is the only power that can decide. When we decide we can see that the Universe is conspiring for us.

The other aspect which is also part of the  demonstration was when I got to the Civic Center Plaza, driving right by the Federal Building, I did not notice the number on the building. Of course, it was the building I was looking for. However, not seeing the number prompted me to take  a stroll around the Civic Center and beyond. I walked for about 20 minutes,the length of time of my intended morning walk. Although I had dress shoes on and not walking shoes, the Universe was conspiring to help me achieve my daily goal.

The point is that no matter what we are experiencing, our experiences are always a reflection of our consciousness, not our wishes or hopes. Knowing that the Infinite Presence of Life lies within you, what can you choose today to think, to speak and to know?

One of the many vocalists whom we lost too early was John Denver. One of my favorite Denver songs is “It’s About Time.” In 2012 a Christian church together a video for Earth Day in 2012 featuring his song and some very moving images. I am sad to say I can’t share it with you but you can see it by searching “Earth Day Video-John Denver-It’s About Time.”

When we are in harmony with Divine Mind, we begin to create beauty, joy and prosperity for all beings.

“It’s about time, and it’s about changes and it’s about time.”