Please join us after service on Sunday, July 21, at 12:30 for a special hour as our member, friend, and medium, Jennifer Krieg, connects with your loved ones in the spirit world to bring messages of hope and healing. Cost to attend is a love offering. Not everyone will get a reading, but all will get to experience the magic as love brings the two worlds together. Jennifer is a spiritual medium, psychic, healer, teacher, and writer. Some of the highly esteemed teachers she has worked with include Barbara Myles, Michael Mayo, Eileen Davies, James Van Prague, Lynn Probert, Colby Rebel, and Mavis Patilla.

During the demonstration, Jennifer will use “mental mediumship” and connect with audience members’ loved ones. She can shift her awareness and raise her vibration to meet the spirit world and relay information to their loved one sitting in the audience. Jennifer can do this by feeling, seeing and hearing the energy of spirits. She serves as a bridge between the two worlds. Her spirit helpers or guides assist in this process organizing things from their side. Jennifer is very passionate about this work as it gives people proof that their loved ones are still with us, which is incredibly healing and can be life-changing. Jennifer does this work from the center of her being and finds it to be truly magical.

About Jennifer:
Jennifer was born and raised in Orange County and currently lives in San Clemente. She’s married and has three wonderful teenagers and three beagles. Jennifer has known she was intuitive and empathic since she was little, and has always been interested in the metaphysical and spiritual side of life. As her kids started to get older, she began feeling the call to develop her intuitive gifts.

“When I give people readings I can connect with people both psychically and mediumistic-ally, delivering messages from both loved ones and guides,” Jennifer explains. She is a Reiki Master and trance healer. “Trance healing is a form of trance mediumship where spirit works very closely with the healer,” Jennifer says. “I am also developing my trance speaking where spirit speaks directly through the medium delivering messages of philosophy, also known as channeling.”

Jennifer teaches spiritual development and intuition classes. In the spiritual development classes, she focuses on awakening/transformation and assisting empaths and highly sensitive people to become empowered with their gifts. Her intuition classes include psychic development and mediumship. Jennifer offers speaking engagements and one-on-one spiritual counseling.

Jennifer will also be offering a workshop on Saturday, August 10, here at the Center. More details coming soon.